The story of me: part 9

Ritwik at Diwali

I'm back! I am now 8 and a half and I love music. As you remember, I play the piano. My favorite band is THE BEATLES. My favorite song is Sinbad the Sailor from the movie Rock On!! I'm in a band called GJBE(Greatest Jam Band EVER). My bro is the vocalist, just so you know.

HTML is a fun program I learned that I'm using to write this web-site.It is sometimes, sorry, mostly useful.

Sports is another interest of mine. My favorite sports are: 1-soccer, 2-frisbee, and 3-dodgeball. I go to Mr.L's soccer club-3rd-5th grade. The main techniques are dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Tell you a little about my school? Well, my teacher's name is Mrs. Hill. I'm in Rm 11, a large place.I have so many friends, I can't say them all. [ all content written by Ritwik ]

Calvin and Hobbes