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Isha wrote on Fri Jun 2 22:49:21 2006 hey guys!!!!
the pictures were superb!!!when i saw Jamaica Inn, i really imagined myself to be thr!!!!
i must congratulate the photographer for tose mind blowing and super smashing pictures.do keep sending more and stay in touch!!!lotsa love frm Isha
souvir wrote on Sun Apr 30 11:21:07 2006 very cute snap
Girish wrote on Mon Apr 24 07:03:05 2006 very cute!!...I hope this pic was taken with the child's consent...the laws here for child torture is quiet severe ;-)
Somu wrote on Mon Apr 24 06:57:36 2006 Fantastic! How did you get their dhotis to stay up/on???
Rishi wrote on Thu Jan 5 13:14:33 2006 Love the new look of your site... also liked all the new pictures that your dad has put up on the website. But captions with the photos would have been really nice, like it was before. :-)
Rishi wrote on Mon Jul 19 12:07:29 2004 Hi Ritwik, Wow... you *are* a celebrity.. being in the front page of a major newspaper. Please teach me some tricks on how to be that popular and famous. Drop by when you are not too busy with your various activities - would love to see you. Bye now. Rishi
Alka Vijh wrote on Mon Aug 4 21:12:41 2003 Ritwik, u r toooooooooooooooo cute. Want to see u sooooooon. Love u.
Rishi wrote on Wed Jul 23 20:47:14 2003 Hi Ritwik! I just got to visit your little brother's webpage - your dad has done a good job, as always... hope you are taking good tips from him so that you can teach my buddy Raj. Btw, I heard that you are being really nice to my friend so come over some time with Raj and then we can have some real fun :-)
Shirali's wrote on Wed Jul 23 01:34:30 2003 Hey Ritwik......sorry I had missed link to your website & got it from Raj's website today You've have really become a 'Big' in these 3years...........May god bless you with all the happiness. Take of Yourself & Raj too Lots of Love & kisses from all of here in Mumbai.
shami ayee & gada aja wrote on Fri Sep 13 12:03:41 2002 you look like a divine child. your smile is enchanting.eyes marvellous&expressive. hope to meet you soon.
abha ayee wrote on Fri Sep 13 11:57:25 2002 you sure are cute and intelligent. won't you share your cake with this petuli ayee!! wish i could hear your songs. waiting eagerly to meet you all very soon.
Roopesh & Shireen wrote on Sun Aug 25 14:53:50 2002 Hey Ritwik .... U DA MAN!!! :) Nice picture collection .. especillay the Da--buzzz one :) ... Nan and Shamita & Ritwik .. wish you all three many more of these wonderful years ahead... Hope u had a great time in Greece.
ashok mamu wrote on Sun Jul 7 23:40:50 2002 You are a sweet and smart kid !
Ramesh wrote on Sun Jul 7 21:36:45 2002 Missed last year . One months late this time :-(. baby You got styyyyle. Went through your story part -IV . Looks like you are soon going to start writing and typing !!!. Keep growing. Luv .
Abha ayee wrote on Tue Mar 12 02:16:28 2002 Arrey kete guna heichi .Ichha houchi jabudiki kundhei dharibaku.Ama samastanka paeen jorey gela kari dey.
Usha Chandrachood wrote on Thu Aug 9 18:59:22 2001 Dear Ritwik, Grrreat to get to know u via the internet virtually. Dad's done some great work , how about doing some reverse engineering on the site to back to u know where .... u achieve two things a) everyone knows who's the boss b) can see the colours changing on u'r fathers face, believe me its more fun than clicking on all these home pages - Got the hint? For more details e-mail or telepathy me
Anisha Jee wrote on Sat Jun 23 07:26:38 2001 Miss You, love from us all, Isha
Reba Ayee wrote on Thu Jun 21 10:27:07 2001 Wonderful to see you growing so fast .Sorry missed you on your first trip to India. Well worldd is small.Hope to catch up with you some time. May be when Anu apa comes to your end of the world for higher studies.Be good and bubbly.
Anu & Ramana wrote on Wed Jun 20 18:27:49 2001 Ritwik, Really cute site! Photos of Dad, Mom and yourself look good. One of first baby that we know that changed its web-site within its first year... [whisper]hey! do you plan to take up creating baby web sites as a career in about a year or two?
Sattu Uncle wrote on Mon Jun 18 19:39:22 2001 Lovely pictures Ritwik ! Keep it up ! You have such a photogenic face (except when you make your face like your Dad !!). Esp. the Babu Mushai one ... Wish there was pic of yours with the Guitar. I can compare the pics when you grow up and become a great guitarist !! (Something to show in "Behind the Music" on VH1 after 20 years).... Lots of Love, - Sattu Uncle -
Nuja Aunty wrote on Mon Jun 18 15:45:05 2001 What a Cutie !..and this is a great pic.. http://www.ritwik-krishnan.com/album/ht/00c1_014.html "Mother and Child" - By Wolf Camera
Durba, Prosenjit & Nisha wrote on Mon Jun 18 02:49:03 2001 Hey, finally did get to visit your website, Ritwik. Well done and boy, you look cute! Come and play with Nisha soon.
Shruti mausi wrote on Sun Jun 17 19:39:48 2001 Hey Boro (bridegroom in Oriya), Somebody in your guestbook said 'slowdown', you are growing big too soon. Heeeey ! Now, you need to grow up fast. I am sooo waiting to get married to you. You *are* my last chance :) Love ya so dearly. God bless ! Ok Mama Shamita, he looks so happy in the family potrait. So why did he scream when I bumped into him outside the studio :))))
Preetha & Joyjit wrote on Thu May 31 20:03:23 2001 Dear Ritwik, One year already - time flies fast. * A Very Happy 1st Birthday to you and wishing you many many many more * :-) Preetha & Joyjit
jayashree mahapatra wrote on Mon Apr 30 08:28:49 2001 you look cute.
Anonymous wrote on Mon Apr 2 17:22:53 2001 Ritwik, you are growing up too fast... slow down, buddy! You seem to be having loads of fun - thanks to your mom and dad. Really enjoy looking at your album.
chandra wrote on Sun Dec 10 03:49:37 2000 Ritwik, You have the most amazing website...what a lucky guy!I hope you become as IT savvy as your dad but hope you dont match his size!You do look a lot like your mum...so thats nicely taken care of! Will try to see you when you come to Mumbai..your grandparents are looking forward to your visit sooooooo much...they talk of nothing else! See ya soon Gopu,Chandra,Rahul and Sid
Cynthia Teeple wrote on Thu Aug 31 21:33:45 2000 Ritwik, You are blessed with a wonderful mom....and I'm sure you have a great dad too. I met your mom at SJSU in the MBA business school. She is a really nice classmate and someone who always has a smile. Happy 3 months!! Love your friend, Cynthia Teeple
ShwetaRahul Khare wrote on Thu Aug 31 04:34:26 2000 we just love your web-site. Good work and a cute baby, Shamita and Nan.
Jonaki and GP wrote on Fri Aug 25 16:00:20 2000 Hey Ritwick We are getting withdrawal symptoms because your mom and dad have stopped updating your photo album. And we so want to see you --
Vanaja Vasudevan wrote on Thu Aug 17 17:40:38 2000 Chooo Chweeeet !!!!!!
Tanya Shrivastava wrote on Wed Aug 16 20:07:18 2000 Mere Chote Bhai Saab, you are so cute. I will see you sometime and will give you some tips on how to handle Soft-Where dad.
Alan & Angeles wrote on Wed Aug 16 03:45:21 2000 Writing web pages at 4 months, talking by 6 months, walking by 8 months,...12 months...Calculus. A clever mom, a brilliant dad, what else could we expect but a genius kid. Best wishes.
Anu mausi, Reba Ayee, and Badri thatha wrote on Sun Aug 6 11:46:00 2000 Hello Ritwik, It just seems yesterday that your mother was what you are now, a cute cuddly sweet child being grabbed by all the aunts.Wish we could give you a big hug, grandma will do that for all of us. All God's good things and our blessings.Nice to see y u grow even if by cyber. Keep in touch. Warm hugs from aunts uncles and grand maas and paas from India
Rita ayee wrote on Sun Aug 6 11:38:37 2000 Welcome ritwik Saw your pictures. You are cute as your mother was. All our blessings
Your favorite(?) babysitter wrote on Thu Aug 3 21:30:20 2000 Hey Nan2, I loved playing with you. You seem to be developing into a proper little angel. Hope you remain that way when your doting parents dump you on me and take off for a date!! :-)
Kaku wrote on Tue Aug 1 15:01:03 2000 Well, well, well! A surfer-boy is born. I hope he is belching out tunes already. Congrats! Enjoy the sleepless nights, "he wants what?" days. Those are priceless times. Best wishes,
PPC wrote on Tue Aug 1 14:58:34 2000 Congratulations... Enjoy the odorless time now... till they start taking solids....
Amber wrote on Tue Aug 1 14:55:27 2000 Although I think for the photo section "Before I was born" there should be a glass of wine also. Take a picture of him sleeping on your guitar
Cini mausi wrote on Sat Jul 15 13:09:42 2000 That was a grand gala show, Kuku apa. Ritwik is a cherubic little angel But I am sure he's going to be a cute little handsome goblin of mischief. He's sure going to give our desi Hrithik and also Leo Caprio the run for their money right from India to US ! After all Indian potta hai !! Ye to cyber show ho gaya, live wala kab hoga ?
Tanu, Sheetal & Parag wrote on Sun Jul 9 23:17:07 2000 Cutie Pie, Can't wait to meet you !!! Lots of love and blessings.
Rohini & Anand wrote on Wed Jun 28 19:40:47 2000 Hey Little one!! This is the second time that I have seen your pictures. You look so small and a blissfull bundle of delight. You make your parent proud. Heres wishing you a joyous life in every possible way. Can't wait to see you someday. Love you little one!!
kanaka wrote on Tue Jun 27 09:31:00 2000 u r too sweet. i felt very happy to see your mom after almost 3 years. thanks
Pron wrote on Mon Jun 26 07:30:14 2000 Ritwik. Welcome to the gang dude. Since youre almost a month old now, guess its time to get that bass guitar and show your dad who's boss. Just be sure to buy those extra set of strings tho (not to mention a standby amp..just incase).
Kevin Dexter wrote on Fri Jun 23 19:27:04 2000 Hi Ritwik; Now that you are a couple of weeks old you are no doubt feeding and dressing yourself. Tip: Act vulnerable and helpless at your bathtime so you can get maximum enjoyment from getting your parents wet.
pushpa SHERIGHAR wrote on Fri Jun 23 07:24:18 2000 Hey Ritwik, You look like your mom (i think).
Sulpha Mamu wrote on Thu Jun 22 21:54:48 2000 Dear Ritwik - what an awesome addition to the family!! We know where those good looks come from !! Can't wait to see you.
Gup Uncle wrote on Tue Jun 20 04:51:28 2000 Your name is a craze in India ! Your parents have made a genuine effort. Has yr. mother gained a lot of weight ? Yr. dad must be still very much with his guitar. Please convey that I miss them a lot. Love you baby, Surhid Uncle
Ajay wrote on Sat Jun 17 21:32:01 2000 Hi Ritwick, Don't let zodiacs and narrow prejudices guide your destiny..open your eyes...see the world and carve a rare and unique niche for your own self. Have a great childhood and youth and then create a beautiful world for the kids that shall follow.
JOydeep wrote on Sat Jun 17 03:55:41 2000 Welcome to the world and a set of crazy parents........may vodka and music reign supreme in your life and here's wishing you a great & happy life .........Enjoy!
Blair Dunton wrote on Sat Jun 17 01:30:15 2000 Ritwik- you are surely a bundle of joy! It is obvious from your parents' faces. You are a bright shining star!
GP and Jonaki wrote on Fri Jun 16 12:34:10 2000 Ritwik, Can't get over the fact that you look SO SMALL in the first few photographs. I'm sure you will be of the same opinion when you see these when you grow up. Hope to see you soon and go easy on your mom and dad. BTW you look great. Here's wishing you grow up to be better looking than your namesake (well almost!) in Bollywood. Lot'sa love
Chadda wrote on Fri Jun 16 07:00:47 2000 Nan A labour of love. After a labour of love. Great stuff.
sunita mahapatra wrote on Fri Jun 16 02:04:22 2000 it is wonderful to see another creation of god . words fail me at present as i am too full of emotion ,which you will understand as you grow . all the very best to you and your parents .
Angela,Neil&Nigel wrote on Wed Jun 14 18:59:05 2000 Dear Ritwik You are a doll. Now start giving your mom and dad a run for their money.
Zinobia wrote on Tue Jun 13 10:35:08 2000 Welcome Ritwick!!! I wonder if your mum and dad still remember me, but I was really thrilled to hear about your arrival through Jonaki. And I enjoyed seeing all your photos - you look so sweet and bright!!! So it looks like everyone is giving you advice on how to be a rock star, but though your lungs need all the exercise they can get, do keep in mind that your mum and dad need a breather every now and then too!!! Here's wishing you and your parents a great life with each other!!! Stay well and keep smiling!!! Lots of love, Zinobia
Sumi wrote on Mon Jun 12 16:09:31 2000 Hey Ritwik, Nice to have you in the family. Would look you up probably sometime after you start talking. Looks like your mom won't send you to Virginia for quite some time to come but I would send my mom to meet you when she comes to the States. You have a cousin just a few months older to you. Maitri can't talk yet but she sends you all her love.
Srinivas Pappu wrote on Mon Jun 12 14:24:41 2000 Welcome dude!!! Hope you will be the lead singer in your dad's band. You can practice your singing in the middle of the night (of course). Can't wait to hold you!!! See ya. Pappu Come visit us in Boston.
Chhabra wrote on Mon Jun 12 14:21:07 2000 Now all you need is a little sister to boss around. Ask your mom and dad to get you one.
Chhaya wrote on Mon Jun 12 12:43:25 2000 You are toooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Love Chhay
Shanta-aunty, Chaitali & Krishna Shirali wrote on Mon Jun 12 05:00:58 2000 Dear Ritwik, Welcome to the Net-family...Look forward to seeing more of you More Often. In the meatime hope you are keeping your Mumma & Daddy busy with diaper changes & entertained with Your vocal music...wishing them all lot of busy nights & daytime sleep(guess they are equally enjoying it as much as you). Lots of Love & Best Wishes :-) Shanta-aunty, Chaitali & Krishna Shirali.
Bayu wrote on Sun Jun 11 08:32:40 2000 Woh Ritwik, what a grand opening. Keep it up and there is a better/best place to visit/stay at Minto dr. So come over some time...
Tho Uncle and Mitu Aunty wrote on Sat Jun 10 18:34:24 2000 Well, well you are here with all your cuteness and charm... Mr. Chotta-Nan, hope to see you soon.
Kunju maama,maami, tinudoli wrote on Sat Jun 10 09:54:16 2000 Enjoyed going thru Ritwik's website. Love to all of You.
Bombay Thatha/Paatti wrote on Sat Jun 10 06:49:38 2000 God has been magnanimous enough to provide you with a sharp intellect, love for Fine Arts & a philosophical bend of mind. With a combination of such rare such rare attributes, it should'nt be difficult for you to scale great heights in life. Here's wishing you a very LONG LIFE & all the VERY BEST.
shakil ahmed wrote on Sat Jun 10 00:09:21 2000 knew your dad whe he was NOT a rock star....
Shailendra wrote on Fri Jun 9 23:51:04 2000 Ritwik, Welcome to the Kgp circle! You look cute and Umika is ready to play with you already! Uncle
Anuja Bellare wrote on Fri Jun 9 21:43:47 2000 Hi my little bhatija..your aunty loves you..she fell in love the minute she saw your picture..and guess what..you're a gemini just like your aunt..I look forward to seeing you grow up..
Shruti mausi wrote on Fri Jun 9 19:11:46 2000 Aeee Ritwik Baba, You are cute li'l cuddly wuddly handsome little dude your ....dad...NAH !!! Just a word of advice...your dad is easy..give him a bottle of beer and thrust a guitar in his hands.. Mum..hmmm! ...Mum is GREAT but can easily flatten your bum yah :))) You wanna rock'n'roll with mausi then come over :) Directions: slip down the oil cloth,slide down the stairs,hold on to your teddy and the rest is as usual 280S, 101 S....Tully East
Amber wrote on Fri Jun 9 18:53:33 2000 Hey Ritwik, By the time you are able to read this I don't know how many times your "bums would've been flattened" by you-know-who!!!! So give me a call today and we'll go out for an ice-cream. -amber
Arpita and Kaku wrote on Fri Jun 9 18:44:37 2000 Ritwik: You are doing great. You have your own web-site with pictures. At least, you donot have to worry about some greedy cyber-squatter when you become famous (new boy band or cyber-mogul at age 15) and want your own web-site. Some suggestions: 1) Make sure that you keep your parents up all night so that when they show up at work, they really have been sleep-deprived. 2) Feel free to educate your dad in this fine art of changing the wardrobe of the lower anatomy. 3) Buy your Dad a DVD, thin-TV, HD TV and all that - his days at the movies are to become a thing of the past. 4) Ensure that the music critiques, the parents, get used to listening to the music channeled into the restrooms (and people thought why do you have to do that) 5) Oh yes, get your dad used to fighting for TV time..between Disney and ESPN (the choice is soooo obvious) HAve a great life! Cheers, Arpita, Kaku and Ishaan
Sumanta & Titly wrote on Fri Jun 9 18:28:00 2000 Congratulations!! And a well done site, keep it up.
Gary wrote on Thu Jun 8 03:39:46 2000 Hi Krishnan, A very handsome boy! I wish I had even a fraction of the hair he has! Congratulations, and here's wishing you never run out of earplugs! Cheers,
Jeff wrote on Thu Jun 8 03:39:07 2000 Congratulations! Your baby was polite enough to come in the evening so you could all sleep afterwards - ours starting kicking in the evening, and didn't show up until the next afternoon, so we were as exhausted as possible. Best of luck to you all (are there other kids?) and enjoy. Sleep at work if you have to!
Henri wrote on Thu Jun 8 03:37:42 2000 Congratulations to you, your wife and your son of course but don't tell him because he might burst out in tears again. In Holland we always serve some bakery stuff with either pink or blue seeds (fertility sign) I will eat that today to celebrate your new-born son/sun.
Chuck wrote on Thu Jun 8 03:36:12 2000 Congratulation! It is in time for you to celebrate the coming Father's day.
Chandra wrote on Thu Jun 8 03:35:34 2000 HI Kannan and Shamita, CONGRATULATIONS!from all of us I remember rocking Kannan in his cradle....Can't imagine you as a father! Cheers Chandra