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Rishi wrote on Fri Oct 29 15:48:55 2004 Raj, I saw you a couple of days back and you seem quite grown up. Man, you are 15 months old now... but how come your album is stuck at 5 months???? Don't you have any recent pictures to put in your album?? Who is in charge of taking your pictures and uploading them on your website? You should fire that person and hire someone else... I would have offered to do it but as you know as of now I don't know anything besides eating, playing, sleeping, p***ing and throwing tantrums :-)
Rishi wrote on Fri Jul 30 14:58:57 2004 Raj, heard that you are walking now... though I am yet to see you move around on your feet. We are so dependent on our "busy" (!!!!) parents that it is pathetic. When do I get to see you and exchange notes on our new life experiences and have some playtime too?????
Nisha,Durba Aunty & Prosenjit uncle wrote on Thu Sep 4 23:14:58 2003 Hi Buddy, got to see your website today. Whoever did it did a very good job. You look cute in those pictures, but cuter in person. Now try giving your mom some trying times. She's had it real easy till now. Welcome, once again.
Rajni wrote on Thu Aug 14 06:56:20 2003 Congrats again Nan and Shamita. Raj is adorable!!!! Glad I got to see him the day he was born! Rajni
Heather Cervelli wrote on Wed Aug 6 09:20:51 2003 You are a beautiful boy, Raj! And big brother looks to be very protective (and perhaps tolerant?) of his feisty new sibling! Congratulations to you all... hope to see you and the new member of the family soon, Shamita!
Elaine wrote on Wed Aug 6 09:18:37 2003 How adorable! And compliments to your hubby for such a great website (i'm guessing it was him). Hope to see you all soon!
Alka Vijh wrote on Mon Aug 4 21:24:03 2003 A sweetieeeeeeee pie.
Jayashree wrote on Sun Jul 27 08:14:25 2003 My best wishes to Raj and congratulations to the parents.
Titly wrote on Thu Jul 24 15:02:30 2003 Hi Raj, Welcome to our world! Ever since you arrived it's been wonderful around here. Though I haven't had enough of your Big B yet,I am sure I will make some cuddling time for you too whenever I am done with him. So please don't be jealous,OK? Lots of love and hugs from Titly , Sumanta and Poku.
Rishi wrote on Wed Jul 23 20:43:48 2003 Hi Raj! Buddy, welcome to this world... I am pretty new here myself and sometimes feel kinda lost with all these old people around me :( So hurry up and get your mom or pop to bring you over to my place and then we can have some real fun! You can bring Ritwik too if he insists... I kind of like him too. Really looking forward to our playtimes, so come over soooooooon.
Shirali's wrote on Wed Jul 23 01:43:00 2003 Hey seems like history is repeating again after 3years......seems like another smart little-Krishnan has entered into the family. Got the link to Big-brother Ritwik's website again which was lost & recollected 3year old memories......good to see so many people to love & take care of you. Lots of Love & Blessings from all of us in Mumbai. Cheers!!!
patrali wrote on Tue Jul 22 22:50:14 2003 happy times ahead!!?? Good luck to your progenitors.You must drive them up the wall, the skyscrapers, whatever... love, patrali aunty
Priyanca wrote on Tue Jul 22 21:42:32 2003 Welcome aboard Raj. May God bless u and help u grow into wonderful people like yr parents. Lots of Love, Priyanca Aunty.
Thatha/ Paati wrote on Tue Jul 22 19:39:42 2003 Dear Raj, you are extremely lucky enough to be born under a highly favourable combination of planets like Jupiter in exaltation with moon. This should ensure a very outstanding & successful span of life ahead. May GOD shower his choicest BLESSINGS on you. With sweet kisses:
Shruti Mausi wrote on Tue Jul 22 10:23:19 2003 Awww..my li'l Nemo. Shamita, can I get a package deal - buy one 'boro', get the other free :) Love ya Raj!
Ashok Mamu wrote on Tue Jul 22 10:16:31 2003 Welcome to this wonderful world Raj ! and thanks for having a "simple to remember" birthday (but don't count on your Mamu's memory!)
Sonali auntie wrote on Tue Jul 22 09:57:59 2003 May you (Raj) have a long and healthy life. We will come and see you sometime. Till then, have fun with ur big bro. and Mum and Da-Da. With love from Sonali auntie , Abhijit Uncle and your friend Rishi
abhayee wrote on Tue Jul 22 09:12:16 2003 gootli lolu ponju rajooooo, just dying to cuddle you , when will that be? your Big B must be very possessive about you . with lots of hugs and kisses to both the li'l Krishnans. how about chatting abraka dabra
Reba Ayee(oops that makes me feel oooold wrote on Tue Jul 22 08:41:00 2003 Welcome to this wonderful world.Hope to see you soon with your Big B Ritwik in India some time.
Chandra Paati wrote on Tue Jul 22 04:45:32 2003 Hi Cutie Raj Gundoo, I'm coming to see you soon. Lets go to Hawaii and check out the grass skirts.
Rahul wrote on Tue Jul 22 00:17:00 2003 Hi Raj, Let me start by wishing you a belated happy happy birthday!!! (its my b'day today, so if anyone in the future tells u that u have a typical cancer trait, let me know and i'll fix them for you :) ) Also, I think ur gonna grow to be a handsome lad! kghlkegh;lkejgh;ekrhn;fc (thats baby talk, that only Raj will understand) Lots of love, Rahul